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Just launched our full-stack Clojure OSS & SaaS product! It's a leadership communication platform for better transparency and alignment. Especially great for growing and remote teams. ClojureScript/React/Rum front-end and Clojure microservices in back. All the code repos are here:

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Good luck with the launch Sean!


Thanks so much Martin! Really appreciate it. Congrats on all the high profile Clojure work you're doing. I can't go anywhere in the community w/o your contributions, and speaking videos popping up. It's awesome.


this looks super useful!


Thanks @U0BAS2E13 I hope it is. Ping me any time here if you have any questions about it or feedback. Would love to chat with you about what problems you have in this area. Martin K. worked with us on it for a few months too.


Oh, I saw this on Product Hunt. Didn't realize it was built using Clojure. Nice work.


Thanks @U050CT4HR! It's not why we do it, but it nice that Carrot shows that full-stack Clojure can really work well for a startup. And the code is available to anyone to see how it was done.

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How come all/most code is open source? Wouldn't you be afraid of e.g. an enterprise client deciding to host its own instance?


Ping me if anyone has any questions about it! We're also on ProductHunt today and I appreciate any upvotes from fellow Clojure devs.

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A transcript of Alex Miller's talk "Dependency Heaven", about tools.deps motivation and design choices, is available here:

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:10:42

Thanks! While a lot of the conceptual stuff is good, this was about 4 months before the official release and some of the deps.edn details changed afterwards. So - watch out!


Yetibot 0.4.50 is out! - new pirate feature to translate text to pirate speak by @jereme - upgraded yetibot-dashboard dep with improved History view (see for a publicly-available example)

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here's a fun usage example of pirate:

!twitter show boredelonmusk | random | pirate | meme elon:


Yetibot output