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Hi. Using datomic on-prem, just upgraded to 0.9.5703, now unable to connect via a repl. Getting connection timed out, but transactor running on the same port mentioned in the logs. (ddb-local) - Anyone seen anything similar?


error on connection fail is:

CompilerException clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Error communicating with HOST localhost on PORT 4334 {:alt-host nil, :peer-version 2, :password "xxxx", :username "xxxx", :port 4334, :host "localhost", :version "0.9.5703", :timestamp 1539617467299, :encrypt-channel false}, compiling:(00209e77b10857cd356c6f8ff55888c36688ab74-init.clj:57:40)


@U08715BSS what version were you upgrading from? Did you upgrade your transactor or peer first? I am going to look at reproducing.


@U1QJACBUM I was previously running datomic-pro-0.9.5697


This is just locally for dev atm, with ddb-local. Stopped everything, ran the transactor. Bumped version in my deps.edn Ran repl then usual require and connect produces the above. (on-prem)


fwiw, I with a fresh ddb-local database and relevant changes to transactor config, have it working.


I've just had another go with the ddb-local database and previous config, and can no longer re-produce 🤷 😕


That’s very odd. I am going to keep poking at this. Thanks for the added information and report.


@val_waeselynck do you have any plans on porting datomock to the client library? Is that even possible?


Not clear to me that the forking abstraction is feasible there due to the potential transience of with'd dbs there. Maybe @U072WS7PE could tell us ? In any case, there's really not much to Datomock's implementation, so if you need it don't be afraid of writing it :)

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It’s not an urgency for me as of now but definitely something I want to explore sooner rather than later so I’ll keep you posted!