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@bozhidar the version is in a yml file in the nrepl repo


@dominicm I’m puzzled. What’s the purpose of that config file? It seems to duplicate some of the info in the site.yml. I guess assumed that running antora would generate the docs for all non-blacklisted tags (meaning no tags currently) + the master branch.


(as I added it to site.yml)


@bozhidar it's a little confusing in the case you have 1 to 1 mapping. Antora allows you to build multiple repos into one site. One example would be for Asciidoctor, they bundle asciidoctor, asciidoctorJ, asciidoctor.js, etc. into one site. All as part of the Asciidoctor organization. Each of those site "sections" has their own antora.yml, which details information about the component. e.g. version, name, title.


Yeah, I got this part, but I thought the config we had in the site.yml pertained to the only component we have. 🙂


In general I can how useful this component structure would be if we decide to put in the manual also something about piggieback, drawbridge, cider-nrepl, refactor-nrepl, etc.


And very cool is how there's a xref system in place for safely referencing across components.


I want to try and get cljdoc to support the xref: macro, because it would allow for some really neat things like:

Takes a xref:bidi::vhosts.adoc#model[Bidi VHosts Model] and returns a Yada Handler which processes Yada Resources inside.


Where bidi is just another project on cljdoc.


Yeah, that’s pretty cool indeed.