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Hi! I've to add reagent to an existing static web-page made with hugo to make some pieces of this page dynamic. hugo has a live-reload, so every time the js change, hugo recompile. Now with lein cljsbuild auto , leiningen compile the javascript and hugo recompile. But in this way I'm not able to use repl.. How can I use figwheel repl by connecting it to a page served by hugo-server? thx


I have the opposite problem. When using lein package from the reagent template, the js builds properly but when I open the app in a browser I get "ClojureScript has not been compiled! please run lein figwheel in order to start the compiler" On the other hand, lein clean && lein cljsbuild once app works


but they both compile to public/js/app.js


@manu maybe try in #leiningen or #lein-figwheel


@tmtwd I’m not sure who maintains the template


@tmtwd are you using hugo as well? @lee.justin.m good idea I didn't know about those groups


ah, it was something wrong in my project


I was depending on an external js library which I guess was munged in advanced compilation