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Bobbi Towers00:10:47

Having a great time watching all the new Strange Loop videos. And they just keep coming out! Right now I'm watching "Tree-sitter - a new parsing system for programming tools" by Max Brunsfeld, and it gave me some ideas to try on Bob, the Text Editor: It's written in C, but my project is to give it Clojure support, for stuff like syntax highlighting but more importantly, the ability to evaluate forms.

Bobbi Towers00:10:58

My log has splintered off once again: I'm following the model set by the version numbers of the Linux kernel: Start a new one whenever it feels right. So far, I've learned how to turn the numbers red. Whoop-Dee-Doo! (No really... I think that's pretty cool)

Bobbi Towers19:10:12

Day 31: I'm wanting to get a better sense of the time complexity of algorithms in Clojure. So far I've made a basic chart, and my plan is to implement them and do my own little performance tests and chart them with Incanter. So far I seem to have produced a tiny amount of meaningful data, but honestly I have no idea what I'm doing and am probably doing it completely wrong. If anyone has done this kind of thing before and could point me to any resources, I'd be most grateful.