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Proton is spacemacs for Atom w/parinfer and REPL support


but I imagine atom would be much slower than emacs πŸ˜„ at handling large files...


It's probably worth finding an article which is: Pick a generic editor from this list: - Vim - Emacs - Those Big IDE things. Then saying, okay, you've picked? Go look at this article, find your editor, and configure it for Clojure.


And the former article will cover pros/cons of each, in a balanced way. Talking about community, plugins, etc.


@dominicm that sound like a wounderful idea.. any plans on doing one ? πŸ˜‰


@dev-hartmann: haha. I imagine both exist already, in some capacity at least.


@dev-hartmann: The world disappoints me that it doesn't come up on google, if it does


In that case, I suggest we do a github repo with md files.


@dev-hartmann: What is your editor? Want to write an article on it?


actually i could


@dominicm: I'm still new to clojure and can't decide between emacs + cider + clojure-mode and intellij idea and cursive


Which is your default editor currently (for any & all projects)


I'd start there.


Trying to do both emacs + clojure is just going to frustrate you.


OR learn emacs separately.


Emacs (and vim), are great to learn, as they are just text editors. So they'll move from language to language with you very comfortably.


thanks for the advice, emacs kind of has a learning curve, got that already


bingo πŸ˜›


but i really like the power it has


It has loads of power. But learning it can be shelved. One problem at a time.


divide and conquer πŸ˜‰


But yeah, please PR some (as unbiased as possible) information on choosing IntelliJ IDEA as a day-to-day editor.


Just jump into and add a header.


@dominicm: will do so in my lunch break πŸ˜‰


Just added my thoughts on vim as an editor. There's loads to be added to this document, and I don't use most editors. So I'll leave this open for you guys to PR like crazy if you don't mind. If you don't want to write stuff down, I think a "other links" sections would be really useful as well, so I'd appreciate an issue/pr opening with that link for inclusion.

dominicm10:01:11 will probably be a series of links to proper setup guides.


@dominicm: d is not a motion. w is a motion, d is an operator. Operators can be combined with motions or objects. Not sure what's difference between motion and object but that's how Vim help defines them.


Oops @juhoteperi I'll have to go back and reread (or you can PR πŸ˜‰ ) I'm admittedly no master of the terms in the area. I use an abstract view of them.


Difference between object and motion could be that you can use motions without operators to move, but objects only make sense together with operator. But I'm not sure.


Those were my thoughts, and I'm also unsure πŸ˜›


:help text-objects confirms this theory


@dominicm: just created a PR for intellij/cursive


Just joined to clojurians big Hi for clojurians all around the world


@dev-hartmann: Excellent. Needs a little tidying, but otherwise looking good!


hi, does anyone heard about some automatic test runner for clojure, I mean something like .net ncrunch tool ? Executing lein test every 30s seems tedious

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:10

@dominicm: It would be cool to have tool-configuring pages under if anyone is interested in contributing them. I don't know that I'd want the "pick a tool" stuff on there though unless it was very cursory.


@alexmiller: The tool-configuring I'm thinking should just be an aggregation of links, as people like their editors differently (especially your emacs/vim guys, yeesh!) Would you find something similar to that useful? Or would you prefer per-tool guides fully laid out? Because maintaining a cursive setup guide, is nothing compared to "Go to the cursive site"

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:38

it would just be nice to have tool stuff visible on there


@alexmiller: Definitely would be viable then. As I collect things, I'll try contribute them back. Does the new clojure site have an issue list with "Help Wanted" tags? Would be handy for stuff like this?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:03

no issue there yet but feel free to add one


I need to read/sign the Clojure CA at some point. That's what has put me off actual contributions before now (not knowing what rights I'm giving up yet)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:03

the basic idea is that you assign joint copyright to Rich (you do not give up your rights)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:33

but you share those rights with Rich. The content on the site is currently offered under the EPL (same as Clojure). If we ever decided to change license or offer a dual license (for example one of the CC licenses) then we could do that without seeking permission anew from every contributor.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:01:39

in return, Rich promises to always make the content/code available under some approved license


Is that summary written anywhere? You should put it somewhere (I like documenting things that I didn't know)


@dominicm: I updated my cleaned PR


sry for the mess: shouldn't to PRs while getting dressed for lunch :face_with_rolling_eyes:

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:01:21

@dominicm: no, and it does not constitute legal advice :) but I think the CA is actually pretty easy to read and obtain the same summary from


So it is, πŸ˜› I'll very possibly end up signing it tomorrow.


hi, I'm creating a simple load tester and am looking for the best approach to create a test schedule using timers of OK precision, seldom missing a time with more than +/- 5 ms. I'm guessing overtone/at-at could be reliable. jarohen/chime seems more idiomatic, but I'm not sure about the timing precision when using core/async timeout channels


@molst I wanted a system with greater time precision than afforded by core.async timeouts and wrote this:


It just wraps the java fixed rate scheduler and writes ticks to a channel. You could couple directly to the java scheduler if you don’t want the hassle of core.async


@molst yes, for generating load at a rate precise to milliseconds, using scheduleAtFixedRate using a ScheduledThreadPool works very well


what happens to the copyright/licensing if Rich Hickey gets hit by a bus?


Related to the question above from @dominicm about an editor guide, a version of that exists on clojure-doc:


@bridget: Great, will link to that.


Thanks @donaldball @jonahbenton ! The dball/valves thing seems like exactly what I need. I will definately check it out


hey you guys, is there any way to get spacemacs to not slow down to a crawl when printing my mongodb documents to stdout or the repl?


It's about 2000 documents using monger.


I would ask in the spacemacs gitter. I can’t think of a way offhand, but maybe someone there will be of more help