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@hugesandwich: Not sure if you found your solution, but I used this SO post’s suggestion to simply pluck out my figwheel config options and use them in my cursive repl script (My entire cursive script -


Poor man’s solution - you make assumptions about the directory in which you will find project.clj. But good beyond that - saved me from duplication, as well as fixed different behavior related problems from cursive and from the command-line. simple_smile


@jaju Thanks. Seems like a common problem for some people using IDEs like cursive/intellij. Unfortunately, I'm still operating on what I consider various versions of the poor man's solution, but for now I am focusing on just getting things done. It works, and for now I'm the only one who has to deal with it. The day where someone will pump their fist at me is probably a few months away thankfully simple_smile