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I have access to a windows 10 machine if you have a simple test I'd be happy to run it


@meow: ClojureScript tree generates a single JS file when you run script/test. I built ChakraCore and then ran ch.exe on that file. Interested in speed compared to the other engines tested in script/test. See


@meow: If you don’t want to bother building anything, the ChakraCore executable and ClojureScript tests files are bundled up here:


I got the SpiderMonkey executable from here (``)


@mfikes: will do. need to set up a variety of things on this machine today - will test when I get to that point


Interesting proposal (at the end) for handling range 10 in repl -> We will maybe add a case to :context as raised by @jaredly


FWIW, I just fixed the issue above in Planck by making it behave like the Clojure REPL (processing each readable form serially, saving balance of text for use with next line entered to form subsequent form.) With this, no special logic needed—it is essentially handled in the REPL code.


Concretely for the above, no change needed for cljs.js/eval-str for ”range 10”. It is just handled instead by the REPL evaluating range as an expression followed by 10 as an expression. This is what the Clojure REPL does.


good to know