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I'm looking over the Dirac readme and I'm psyched to try it out. Does it require Canary? The installation instructions refer to Canary, but it never explicitly calls it a requirement.


Oh, no, I guess it does…


> Please note that you should always use the latest Chrome Canary with Dirac DevTools to prevent any compatibility issues.


Is the plan to cut Dirac releases that are known to work with certain Chrome releases eventually? I'd rather not work in Canary, since it's safer to develop in a browser version people will actually use the site in. But I take it the features that enable Dirac are only in Canary for now?


@peeja: you can try it with your standard chrome, it is likely to work


the devtools debugging protocol is not changing that much and I think DevTools code can deal with older chrome gracefully - it is just easier for me to stay on devtools tip


@darwin: That's awesome, cheers!