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After running lein do clean, cljsbuild once prod and going to the index.html I got errors to the wrong js path, after adjusting that I got an error with IAssoc undefined.


Running cljs once dev seems to have fixed that last part so I am good simple_smile. Does answer the In order to run it, just compile cljs (in :advanced mode, because why not? :)) in though hahah.


@bbss: simple_smile does lein do clean, cljsbuild once prod still fail for you? I find lein cljsbuild to be a bit inconsistent when dealing with :advanced. that was actually what made me to convert mount to boot. I left lein there, so it is easier for people who familiar with lein to try examples, but you can do boot cljs-example to run that cljs example in :advanced:


yes after that prod still fails


@bbss: could you try boot cljs-example?