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@borkdude hope you don’t mind me asking - where did you end up with yada + sente? Does polling work?


Hadn’t had time for that yet. Went down a different rabbit hole


I think I’ll try SSE, seems a lot easier with yada

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Over 85% of the audience at last year's conference were using Clojure at work. It seemed everyone else wanted to. When you are in small teams, which most Clojure shops are, then you are (or should be) involved in hiring in a meaningful way. I would be weary of leaving such an impactful decision only to a hiring manager (even if the hiring manager was someone wonderful like @U0525KG62).


SSE is definitely easier with yada. And you’re not the first I heard trying to make sente work


you’ll need a polyfill for IE/Edge though


I’m happy with just websockets at the moment, and probably spent enough time trying to make it work that I’d look at other options too if I had to revisit.