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R1D17-19 (got quite lazy this week reporting): 4clj continued


i think i should sew in some practical coding before actually finishing 4clj-exercises to excite myself again.

Bobbi Towers05:10:25

That's the biggest "dance" I find myself doing - balancing my time between chipping away at fundamentals, and trying to build stuff. Fortunately, we're learning a language that is absolutely killer for making webapps 😉

😃 4
Bobbi Towers01:10:38

Finally got caught up... ...on my dishes, that is. Day I-forgot-what-we're-up-to: re-frame todomvc, jr0cket's spacemacs guide, and a call for resources on CSS and general UI design stuff

Bobbi Towers10:10:01

Closing off this log, and continuing in org-mode, exported to markdown from my new spacemacs config, a cyberpunk nyan-cat theme!


@porkostomus is a section on using and creating your own snippets (which is really easy)


@porkostomus thanks for the mention of my Spacemacs guide. I just added another page to the Spacemacs basics on some Vim Normal keybindngs. I'm always adding things so let me know if you think something could be added.


Day 20 already and I have lots more coding in me. Still a little behind on the log, so just need to practice adding to that as I work during the day.