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Brian Abbott06:02:10

Hey, cool, we have one here as well. I created the list #clojure-saltlakecity for anyone in the SLC area! Maybe that's a specialization of Utah?


I started Utah Clojure meetup awhile back, and we have been meeting monthly for a couple years up until the past holiday season. We havent had our first meetup of 2019 yet


this channel was meant to connect to that

Brian Abbott06:02:22

In SLC or another area?


it was hosted and sponsored by a couple different companies. we have had the meetings in a couple different locations in Lehi and American Fork. The attendees are from all over the place… from Provo up to Centerville.


I assume you are in the SLC area?

Brian Abbott06:02:23

Kinda, I will be soon, hopefully by March/April... But, Im pretty familiar with the area.

Brian Abbott06:02:52

ATM I live in Spokane, WA! 🙂

Brian Abbott06:02:14

I could do a meetup presentation though if you are looking for presenters


yeah that would be great. I think we have a place to meet at the point of the mountain… just need to work out the details


we try to meet in a central area… not a ton of clojurists in the area, so we just have the one meetup for both north and south

Brian Abbott06:02:44

Makes total sense!!

Brian Abbott06:02:02

We're a small group, we have to stick together or... somewhere in the middle!


do you work with clojure in your current job?

Brian Abbott06:02:24

I chill in Jackson and then drive to SLC when I go there so, N SLC, S SLC.... at that point makes no difference! 🙂

Brian Abbott06:02:57

Clojure with Luminous, Lucinda, Datomic, et al

Brian Abbott06:02:01

I've read the functional literature for a long while now but, this is my first hand on experience with it and... the purity and elegance is.... profound and exhilirating


yeah it is really fun to work with. we have some clojure in our stack, but we also have a bunch of python for the web stuff

Brian Abbott06:02:05

have you guys looked at luminous?

Brian Abbott06:02:16

its a surprisingly capable web stack


a little bit. we used compojure and then pedestal


when we were looking at web frameworks a couple years back we dug into a bunch of them a little


and looked at luminous

Brian Abbott06:02:33

"when we were looking at web frameworks a couple years back we dug into a bunch of them a little" -- yeah, I feel like that for every stack I dig into... there are so many, they evolve so fast and incorporate each other.... its like a multi-dimensional image of the theosophical self eating snake... from every angle...