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Is there some kind of linting that will make sure Parinfer works? Currently, the indentation of team-mates both using Vim and Emacs results in Parinfer getting confused when I load up the code


@cfleming Does cursive for Windows install a version of clj cli? Trying to isolate a report from #clj-on-windows and it sounds like they think they have an .exe installed, possibly It is of course equally possible they installed something else on their path and forgot.


@mseddon No, it doesn’t. If you want to use deps on Windows with Cursive right now, you use the “Use tools.deps directly” config option which uses tools.deps.alpha as a library and doesn’t use the CLI stuff at all.

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Are they using the “Use CLI tools” option pointing at the .exe?


No, the issue they are having is invoking the cli they (mistakenly) believed was installed by cursive from windows 🙂 Thanks