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Eric Ervin04:02:32

Anyone writing Quil this weekend? I just did my first run through the introduction of The Nature of Code.

Eric Ervin04:02:29

Which version of the book did you work from, @UB5T2688Y?

Eric Ervin19:02:49

Alright. I'll get back to work on it this weekend. So far, I've only done the examples but maybe I'll do the exercises as well.


i did a little; if you're interested (my 9-to-5 means that i always seem to be learning from scratch again every time i come back to it 😣)

Eric Ervin23:02:36

Good stuff. Happy to see fun-mode in use. I'm 100% going to pinch your save-frame-to-disk function. I think I knew how to use :mouse-clicked before my last period of inactivity and forgetfulness.


you're welcome - i really should get around to updating it to respond to ctl-s