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Jacob Haag16:02:58

I've been having issues with calva, when I connect to the repl I get a Clojure Repl option but not a Clojurescript Repl. Any ideas of why this might be?


Could it be that you haven't started a ClojureScript repl and connected your browser to it?


Is there a way to copy/paste to/from the new repl?


It should 'just work' with regular ctrl+c or cmd+c under mac (and respectively ctrl/cmd v for paste). If this isn't working for you this is a bug, please file a report mentioning the operating system and version of vscode you are running and I'll take a look. Thanks!


It doesn't work in vscode 1.30.2 on Windows 10 1803. I'll log as an issue 👍



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That's fixed 😄 I closed the issue on github - hope that's ok!


Perfect! Thanks! 😄

Jacob Haag18:02:17

@pez My usual workflow has been 1. Start repl in terminal 2. Connect to repl using calva 3. At this point, usually two additional drop-down options would appear, the first being clojure repl and second being clojurescript repl 4. I would then navigate to the clojurescript repl and start figwheel and connect to the repl with (require '[figwheel-sidecar.repl-api :as figwheel]) (figwheel/start-figwheel!) (figwheel/cljs-repl) However, I cannot do this now with no clojurescript repl option


@jacobhaag17 , ah, I didn't know that worked! What I do is: 1b. Start the cljs-repl from the repl from step 1, using the command in your step 4. Then connect Calva.

Jacob Haag13:02:47

Okay that makes sense, the only benefit of the approach I was using is that I could have both a clj-repl and cljs-repl


Don't you get that with my approach as well?

Jacob Haag14:02:04

Let me give it a go and see