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I get the same error with a clean lein new figwheel project and all the latest versions of clj, cljs, fighweel, om and untangled


@tony.kay That issue turned out to be a problem with our app state not reflecting component state. I was under the impression that even if an “entity” didn’t exist in our app-state, we could still construct it from the parent component and update it using the ident refresh.


This is in the context of initial page load at some specific resource. We found that even if we’re in the process of loading that resource by id, we still need to populate the app-db with a partial entity that produces the correct ident, instead of just constructing that partial entity as a map in the parents render method.


@gardnervickers ah, yeah, that "could" work, but you'd have to make sure it was properly touched-up with metadata that Om adds.


@doddenino perhaps source paths settings? Are you sure it is on both the clojure source-path AND the cljsbuild source path?


@tony.kay Should there be another case in this cond for when we’re using load to fetch data for an ident, but don’t have a data-field set? I believe this is what is prohibiting me from using an ident to load from my remote without having to specify that same ident as the :target.