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I have a strange issue and I'm not really sure where to ask... it regards sente sockets


Annnd nevermind. The strange error was extraneous passing of maps :]


Om next is very insightful in the fact that a view is a function of the dataset. Has anybody here read Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics ? It's really a great graphic novel, and as a UI-person it really resonated with me. He has an idea called the "Infinite Canvas" where it is basically a canvas spanning infinitely out (2d) ... The screen itself is just like this, albeit a tiny, localized window over the "infinite canvas" ... it's really great mind-storming for anybody into UI design. Highly recommend it. </tangential reading recommendations>


Is an ast the only type of data that can be passed to a remote in a read/mutate?


Or assoc'd with a key that represents a remote, more accurately.


@shdzzl that has been my experience