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@michaellopez as far as I can tell discord is just as closed as Slack. We have several bridges to / but they are also not used a lot. (They do serve the archiving purpose though)


@martinklepsch Ya I saw those Matrix hooks. Discord's closed but with less message and user limits...


We trialled Discord as a Slack alternative back when this whole discussion started and folks just didn't like it as much. Some of the reasons were recorded in the wiki I believe (see link in channel topic and/or purpose).


seancorfield: Well. I read the Wiki, didn’t find much. My recollection was that interop was one hurdle. But with this webhook that could be mitigated to some degree. Discord seems to me in many ways a Slack clone having a similar look and feel. What if we trial this webhook to crosspost a channel or two. Then if someone wants to look back historically they could go there instead of here?


I'm traveling on vacation for a while so I'll be phone only for a couple of weeks. Try to remember to ping me when I get back. Or see if one of the Admins can look into it. We're all listed in Code of Conduct.


As @martinklepsch notes, the most active alternative is Riot/Matrix and even that is hardly used -- although it does currently seem like the most likely alternative if we do have to change platforms -- folks just prefer the Slack experience.


Remember that you're talking about a community of 9,000 users.