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... Hello, I have a deps.edn question, I tried to replicate what I use in the terminal as config options with deps.edn, but it seems that the generated .js file logs some errors, Here's the CLI:

clj -m cljs.main -o public/js/main.js -O advanced -c hello-world.core 
Here's what I expected as equivalent deps.edn version:
{:deps {org.clojure/clojurescript {:mvn/version "1.10.764"}
        reagent {:mvn/version "1.0.0-alpha2"}}
 :main "hello-world.core"
 :optimizations :advanced
 :output-dir "public/js/out"
 :output-to "public/js/main.js"}
Then I run it with:
clj -m cljs.main -co deps.edn
The generated .js file from CLI works fine, but the generated version from deps.edn options gives an error:
main.js:314 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'mg' of undefined
    at Mb (main.js:314)
    at Tn (main.js:699)
    at Rn (main.js:698)
    at Nn.h.Me (main.js:718)
    at Function.Wn.A (main.js:710)
    at Nn.h.Le (main.js:718)
    at Function.Wn.j (main.js:710)
    at ep (main.js:761)
    at main.js:761
... and it doesn't seem to exit from the terminal (the terminal becomes unusable)


you may want to try asking in #clojurescript?


hey, thanks, that's probably the right place


Are there any default aliases or good ways to get some extra resource paths added to the classpath for all local repls started with the clojure command? (some key in ~/.clojure/deps.edn perhaps?) I’d prefer not to need to add a -A flag to all invocations across the several IDEs I use


if you mean an alias that is automatically supplied, no


:paths in ~/.clojure/deps.edn will be used everywhere


I thought :paths got merged across the candidate deps.edns with a “last one wins” strategy


oh yes, sorry


Does :extra-paths only exist for aliases? My use case is that I’ve got a local directory for various properties files that’s global to all projects (shared DB/service locations, and whatnot for local development, shared across several languages).


yes, only for aliases


Okay, thanks for your responsiveness and time 🙂


@alexmiller I see that :git/url "file:///foo" isn't supported by gitlibs I already find that it's a issue with A PR/Patch is welcome about this problem?


I'm unclear why this is better than using :local/root


git deps let you get the dep from a remote git repo. if you already have it locally, just use it?


I guess a git dep would let you use multiple shas


can you walk back and say how you're using it?


stepping away for evening but will check later


Let's go: I'm trying to deploy my application with clojure -Sdeps "{:deps {my/app {:git/url \"...\" :sha \"...\"}}}" -m But I'm on AWS/CodeCommit CodeCommit on ephemeral EC2 recommends use https with credential provider jgit do not support credential provider so I'm trying to use git-cli to clone, then use local file I can run directly but I want to keep my SHA control in the "start command line"


TL; DR: How to use git deps with CodeCommit?


@U2J4FRT2T You have to put some magic in your .gitconfig . Something like:

[credential ""]
  helper = !aws --profile dev1 codecommit credential-helper [email protected]
  useHttpPath = true
And maybe enfore https (not sure, don’t remember):
[url ""]
  insteadOf = [email protected]:


If I remember correctly this did work with tools.deps