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Drew Verlee15:07:27

does anyone have a trick to easily just show git information in magit so i can copy it to other buffers? using clojure deps means its nice to have a convient way to copy sha's and repo information and i find myself leaving emacs to do this just because i dont' quickly know how to get a buffer with the remote origin info that i can copy. its like right there but the buffer does't let me copy it out lol.


@drewverlee SPC f f .git/config will get you a buffer with the URL of the remote. Or in Magit status buffer, ! ! git remote -v Or just y in the magit status buffer, then y y on the remote line


I like y in magit status buffer to show refs, never noticed that before, quite handy.

Gleb Posobin23:07:24

How do I automatically open several workspaces at spacemacs startup and open certain files in each of them?


There is an existing setting in .spacemacs to restore layouts. It will remember which files you had open and open them on restart. If you SPC l s to save it will open layout on start. Process buffers will not be restored.

;; If non-nil then the last auto saved layouts are resumed automatically upon
   ;; start. (default nil)
   dotspacemacs-auto-resume-layouts t

Gleb Posobin16:07:57

The problem is that spacemacs or my laptop sometimes hang/restart.

Gleb Posobin16:07:12

And that happens every couple of days.

Gleb Posobin16:07:37

Also, it restores layouts, not workspaces?


If you create workspaces and dont save the layout, then it wont restore the workspaces if Emacs crashes. I only use one workspace in one of my layouts, so dont know if there is another way. Sorry.