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Does anyone know of an up-to-date guide on deploying a jar to a private maven s3 repo? I've tried several different guides and they all reference deprecated or archived maven build plugins. It seems like such a simple task but there seems to be dozens of different ways to get it done.


Oh interesting... it appears all I need to do is

aws s3api put-object --bucket my-bucket --key release/my-group-id/my-artifact-id/my-version/my.jar


Actually, tools-deps does not seem completely satisfied with the above approach, printing Download corrupted: Checksum validation failed, no checksums available


Guessing it expects some additional files in s3 that are not placed via the simple put-object action.

Drew Verlee19:07:38

If i have a lib calling a method that doesn't exist and i suspect its because two version of the lib exist and the one without it won, how can i verify this?

Drew Verlee19:07:22

the stacktrace lists the class package and class name and i compared this against the output of Stree and their isn't a direct overlap

Drew Verlee19:07:08

likley because stree is output a higher level of information


@drewverlee Which lib? Which class? Which method?

Drew Verlee19:07:13

method: "";" lib that calls it: pack/pack.alpha @ 0c20aa5

Drew Verlee19:07:12

well more accurately:

[{:type java.lang.NoSuchMethodError,

Drew Verlee19:07:50

so calls and it doesn't exist. I assume that error isn't saying the arguments were bad in someway, its saying that method isn't there at all.


And what Google libs show up in clojure -Stree for you?


You may need to run clojure -Strace and see what other versions of the various Google libs were considered.

Drew Verlee19:07:37

> And what Google libs show up in clojure -Stree for you? I see guava listed under one dep i just added to my project. Is that because Stree only shows the winner of the dep merge? I suppose i'm looking for everyone that tried to add it. I'll look at Strace more carefully.

Drew Verlee19:07:21

i see Strace contains anyone that wanted to add the dep. isee it all over the place here.


The output of -Strace should show you every version of every library that it considered and why it made the decision it did to pick a particular version.


So you could just add a top-level dep on Guava to force a recent version, but I'm surprised tools.deps would pick a lower version, since I would expect the Google Cloud libs you're using to pull in at least that version or higher...


According to Guava's docs, it's up to 28.0 now. 👀


Hmm, odd, we're using 29.0 at work...


21.0 is about 3 1/2 years old at this point. 29.0 came out in April this year @drewverlee


We've had to pin it as a top-level dependency because other things were bringing in older versions. Java's equivalent of "DLL hell" 🙂