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In case you're not in #announcements I just released 0.7.6 of with suggestions from @dominicm and @tkjone -- thank you!


This supports multiple templates in a single git repo and makes it easier to have conditional files in a template (`->files` accepts and ignores nil entries).


On a similar vein, @viesti just added support to for building docker images straight from Clojure! With a big thanks to him for that!


(Now, I need to go and incorporate the clj-new changes into Edge!)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:07:55

clj was released yesterday - no changes in tools.deps, but this undid some of the installer changes so that the install deps.edn is being installed again. this allows older tools.deps lib users relying on the installed clj's reporting of config files via clj -Sdescribe to continue working without update. We saw some issues with this in Datomic ion deploy and Cursive.


@alexmiller Sorry, I didn’t get time to look at that yesterday.


I’ll try to get to it soon - it’s the weekend here and I’ve been busy dealing with IntelliJ bugs unfortunately.


Deps doesn’t support global exclusions, right? i.e. I don’t want a particular dep anywhere.


I've just identified a potential security flaw in seancorfield/depstar 0.2.1/0.2.2/0.2.3 and I have released 0.2.4 to address it. If you are using those earlier versions, please update to the new release a.s.a.p.