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Has anyone else found that fancy symbols have started to result in incorrect indentation in the files? I would swear that behaved properly for me for years, until sometime in the last few months. In my editor:


In the file (viewed with vim):


Historically, as far as I know, the file was always correct, and spacemacs just compensated it in the view. But that's no longer true 馃槙


More to the point: does anyone know away to use fancy symbols in clojure-mode without screwing up the indentation in the file?


I think I decided against that at one point because it wasn't clear that it'd work with spacemacs, but you've got that combo working? It was a while ago for me, so the situation may have improved.


I am using that font, too. But i am not sure that relates to the indentation problem?!


I haven't tried it, but I think it might? Because it uses ligatures, they're (at least potentially) multi-space characters. I'm basing the above on the "Caveats" section of


yeah @eggsyntax it seems to be working fine. I installed and configured emacs-mac following these instructions


Cool, thanks!


And then just as a clarifying question -- in the Clojure examples on the Fira Code page, I'm only seeing changes to non-word chars (equals variants, arrows, etc). Does it also include changes to word chars, eg fn to ? It seems like it wouldn't, since you wouldn't want eg Hefner to become He位er.


I do not see lambda symbol in my code. So your guess seems right. If you have some time you might enjoy watching tonsky鈥檚 video from Clojure North It covers Fira Code.

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@eggsyntax No, fn -> \lamba is done by pretty-symbols and has nothing to do with FiraCode. With Firacode, you get nicer ligatures on symbols like ->>

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@eggsyntax I just enabled fancy symbols and when I rebooted it was initially showing mis-aligned indentation with a lambda function. However, after editing the code, the agressive indent seems to correct it. I have this enabled in .spacemacs (add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'aggressive-indent-mode)


Or it could also be either of these correcting it (setq clojure-indent-style 'align-arguments) Vertically align s-expressions (setq clojure-align-forms-automatically t)


Awesome, thanks @jr0cket! I'll try those out.


Follow-up -- no luck with any of those. I haven't updated in a while, though, it's possible I need to. @jr0cket I assume you're on develop?


Just updated to latest develop today

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