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@dominicm thanks, alias / sample to pre-compile java classes would be good for many cases. Also enjoying Zach’s hot reload lib ( with lein. The latest version has never worked for me thou. Many of our newer libs include Java, because of perf, client projects because of… legacy.


Agree that it’s not a most common thing, but still important for the interop story.


What about the classpath with shell scripting the java compilation? The Java classes might need the project dependencies, including Clojure itself. Resolved that manually just for this case, but would appreciate a sample how to combine full library classpath from deps to feed into a custom javac step. Will check pack.alpha too.


@ikitommi just had an internal discussion about java compilation, the topic of windows came up as problematic for shelling out. If I was investigating this today, I would probably lean on the JDK API again because of that.

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