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Howdy from Charlotte, NC ☀️. We are looking for Clojure talent for another 1 - 2 positions in the next couple weeks. Mid-level and Senior full-stack dev positions. Job details are posted here: DM me if you are interested.

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Open to hiring FT individual contractors or hiring from an outsourcing software development agency, mate? @U091JLGFL


Embraer, the third largest producer of civil aircraft, is hiring. We’re building, a tool for airlines and mechanics to manage unscheduled aircraft maintenance. This has the potential to be a very high-value product for the aviation industry and could make air travel much better for everyone. We have a Clojure backend, multiple (functional JS) React and React Native frontends, and a GraphQL API. Currently, the engineering team is made up of myself and another senior Clojure engineer. We’re looking for a few more very experienced engineers to form the initial internal engineering team. Location: Remote (but must be able to legally work and reside in the US or Brazil) Tech: React, React Native, GraphQL, Clojure, Postgres, AWS, GCP (Firebase) Apply: Please email your resume to dom at beacon dot works (principals only, no recruiters or agencies)

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