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seancorfield/clj-new "0.7.6" -- -- supports multiple templates in a GitHub repo (suggestion by @tkjone) and conditional entries in a ->files call (suggestion by @dominicm) -- follow-up to #tools-deps


Massive thanks to @viesti for adding Docker support to pack.alpha:


thanks for your time on guiding the path @dominicm :)


clj-kondo v2019.07.05-alpha! 🍻 Features: faster parsing, misplaced docstrings follow up in #clj-kondo


It's not that related to clj-kondo, but since you're using the konmari metaphor, I thought you might find this tweet-thread interesting:


Goes beyond the "does this unit test spark joy?" joke to try to consider what the equivalent question might be for code.


cljol (enhanced a bit since the previous announcement, and now includes a gallery of more example figures and how they were generated), some Clojure/Java code I wrote some time back to investigate the size of Java objects and how they refer to each other, inside a running JVM. Possibly useful if you are curious about memory usage of Clojure data structures, or how they are implemented internally.


This is tremendously cool. Great for learning more about the internals.


@ thanks for the newest release! It addresses some of the pain points we experienced during integrating this library. I know that you don’t accept PRs, still there are some improvements in my WIP fork that fixes issues, might be useful for some folks who can’t wait. 🙂 Namely: - using so that the HTTP client body can be anything that is supported by the lib (open), instead of rolling your own protocol. It also removed lots of instance checking/manual type conversions in utils. - added the ability to override http client call at client + invoke site - add public endpoint to generate request map (as I think this is the primary value-add of your library along with handling of the response) - separate signing of request from sending it so HTTP client can modify headers, add custom User-Agent, etc. (also make it a client responsibility to sign so that other solutions can be used like: - using a faster json parser:


It’s not perfect, but I hope it gives you some ideas how some of the remaining items could be tackled. Cheers again! 🎉


@ thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Decoupling request generation, signing, and even the http-client itself are all on the radar. Stay tuned!


seancorfield/depstar "0.2.4" -- -- includes an important security fix: if you're using 0.2.1, 0.2.2, or 0.2.3, please update to this new release! (follow-up to #tools-deps