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So I’m running macOS 10.15 betas and seem to have gotten bit by … it manifests as a failure to clone a private lib from a :git/url, whether using an id_rsa created by under macOS 10.15 or earlier.


is the new jira taking new commenters yet? Wanted to update TDEPS-91


The new JIRA does allow adding comments, if you have a free account created, and if that account's permissions have been bumped up by a Clojure JIRA admin.


oh, cool… is that someone less busy than Alex?


At least, the older Clojure JIRA instance required someone to bump up your permissions. My permissions allow me to do so with the new JIRA, but I believe Alex bumped up most/all people who have created or commented on issues in the old JIRA, in the new one.


I had permission to do that on the old JIRA system, but not sure whether I do on the new one or not. Let me take a look. Otherwise, I suspect it would not be someone less busy than Alex.


no rush; I have enough of a handle on what’s going on in ~/.gitlibs that I’ve just manually set it up so clj et al don’t complain any more, and I can do manual git pulls for a while.


just wanted to bump this since it’s gonna bite a lot of people come 10.15 release in September.


To be clearer, I mean that my account on the new Clojure JIRA gives me permission to add comments on issues. I do not know how on the new JIRA to give permission to others to do so, and/or my account on the new JIRA doesn't have authorization to do so.


ah, gotcha. I’ll ask Alex.