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NOSCO is a small, successful SaaS company from Denmark. We help our clients innovate by offering a well-designed and easy to use web platform for sharing, evaluating and developing ideas, as well as consulting services to help them run successful innovation campaigns. See some success stories at and get a tour of the platform at We are looking to expand our small team of developers, to work on the next generation on the Nosco platform. We are steadily migrating our Node backend to Clojure + GraphQL, our jQuery/Handlebars frontend to ClojureScript + React and our operations from Rackspace to AWS. We are doing all this iteratively, avoiding the classic big rewrite trap, while also adding new features to the platform. Interested? Send a short CV and a small statement to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> and let’s get the conversation started! See more at:

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Hi Orestis, do you think you are likely to be looking for some people next year, also?


Too soon to tell - we are a small team and we are not hiring constantly. If you’re interested, send an application noting your availability, no problem.

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