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Joe Lane13:06:46

Hey this is pretty cool. I don’t have any uses for it right now to try it out, but I’ll look for them in the future. I’m most interested in the way you integrated spec. Nice Job!


Fork of kirasystems/saml20-clj clojars coordinate [dpsutton/saml20-clj "0.1.13"]. Applies a patch to honor the more restrictive ns spec for Clojure 1.10+. Was a blocker to upgrading Clojure versions.


Writing ClojureScript Apps From Scratch…it feels so much easier than doing the equivalent in JavaScript 🙃

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Great blog name.

Joe Lane14:06:33

This is going to be the blog post I point web developers at from now on for intro to clojurescript. Fantastic job @U6GNVEWQG!

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