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borkdude got a response regarding what is necessary in terms of dlls for deployment of native-image on windows along with info on the lack of support for --static: -- for reference, here is info on the /MT and /MD linker flags:


has anyone else had problems with their windows native-image binaries communicating via pipes? i have a fairly minimal reproduction of the issue i'm seeing here: -- for the truly adventurous / interested (unlikely to exist?) party who doesn't have an appropriate windows environment set up for this, here is a summary of getting the windows sdk set up for this sort of case:


@sogaiu installing the windows 7.1 sdk via chocolatey might be easier for those wanting to reproduce the issue


ah, i had some kind of trouble with that installation, so i backed out of it -- i don't remember what, but if it works, that would be easier!


it wasn't that the installation process failed, it had to do with something afterwards.


ok, it's not a clean install, but i tried uninstalling the manually installed windows 7 sdk, and then installed via chocolatey, then built clj-kondo. that does produce a working clj-kondo.


but does that binary also work on another Windows VM, that's the question


i built it using windows 7, and just transferred it to a windows 10 installation. it didn't work appropriately -- just appears to exit.


i don't know if it will be helpful, but there are the programs "dependency walker" and "dependencies" which can be used to identify the linked dlls for exes and dlls. i've opened clj-kondo.exe in dependency walker and see a bunch of dlls that appear to be missing.


yes, that behavior I'm also seeing


I tried dependencywalker too, but couldn't figure out how to install the missing dlls