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Christopher Thonfeld-Guckes12:06:29

Hi there. Is this the right place to ask about cljsjs usage? I need some jumpstarting...


Hi. I was going to ask the same thing myself! Let me know if there's somewhere else you've found

Christopher Thonfeld-Guckes17:06:30

So far noone answered but I managed to figure out my problems by myself. I tried to get cljsjs/material-ui, reagent and re-frame to work together. The solution was to remove the explicit reagent version requirement from my project.clj because it conflicted with the version required by material-ui.

Christopher Thonfeld-Guckes17:06:06

I'm gonna see, if I can get a simple fullstack application to run and then I will provide a tutorial.

Christopher Thonfeld-Guckes17:06:50

meanwhile this might be of some use to you