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Still lots to do and lots of potential changes.

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Hi, is there any tools-deps alternative for ?


@claudiu I'd be interested in adding uberwar support to I'm not familiar with the format really though and what would be needed. Is it just a jar with a particular manifest?


not really sure to be honest. 🙂 I am deploying my test-app to google-appengine, and that's the format there.


Added lein-tools-deps to my project, seems to work for development but the uberwar seems to compile multiple times the same file, and when I run it I get some strange errors.


I can try find some time to look into it for you.


Looks like a jar with a specific fs layout, shouldn't be too difficult to get working with pack, I'm a little worried about git dependencies, that might need some testing.


Cool 🙂 Could help with testing git & normal, and see how it matches the lein one.


Having the uberwar option would be really awesome.


Is there an easy way to test an uberwar locally?


I have only used uberwar in appengine context. The simplest way to test the war I can think of is :


Thanks, I'll take a look

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:07:40

released tools.deps.alpha 0.5.442, clj

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:07:04

- Throw error if unknown aliases are used (TDEPS-85)
- Fix bad break character in rlwrap (TDEPS-77)
- Use non-0 exit code in clj if rlwrap doesn't exist (TDEPS-86 - thanks Martin Klepsch!)
- Change wording for -Sdeps in help and man for clarity (TDEPS-87)