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Not pushy enough. Nothing I click on takes me to the site! 🙂


@hiskennyness not sure I understand - To which site?


Or is that a joke because it’s an image? 😆


So I see a thumbnail and I think, bah, I am really interested, I am going to go to the site…doh! Then I spot the url in the channel header and click that and … nope! Anyway, I zoomed in on the image, looks fine and understated, even.


@hiskennyness ahh I see. Well this is a draft which I made earlier today. I might deploy it later today but so far it’s just a glimpse into some WIP


Right, I am catching up with you. 🙂


Damn the torpedos, man. Deploy!


(Sorry for the noise comment, just shared it in #docs as well)


Still say not pushy enough. Pull something from rationale that hits on what attracts me — cljdoc will make it easier to generate the doc some of us library authors shrink from. Hmmm….how about “Go ahead. Make my doc.“?


Yeah I had hoped those 4 blocks convey this but maybe I should include parts of the rationale


What’s the bit of the rationale that made stuff interesting for you?


My comment: the home page is aimed at library authors primarily. How does it read for users?


I’m thinking the tagline for users of the site is something like, “searchable docs for Clojure/Script libraries in one place” instead of “a platform to build, host and view documentation”


@lee.justin.m yeah good points, it’s two target audiences that have different needs. I feel like targeting authors might be more important so that they know how they can make their docs awesome but with API docs being available without any opt in it might also be interesting to talk to users more


@martinklepsch yea it’s a chicken-and-egg. i was sort of thinking that the appeal for authors is “how good is this for my users”. I was sort of thinking cljdoc will be successful (and authors will use it) if users find that it solve their problem. but maybe the better approach is to get tons of authors to use it and so that it’s a go-to place


I guess we’ll find out what works best :)


But I agree, it should be made more obvious to users how they can use cljdoc


I still wonder if something like “cljdoc is a website hosting Clojure/Script documentation, adding search and offline capabilities” might be more to the point. I wonder if “platform” sounds complicated. cljdoc is pretty simple and easy and that’s one of its best features


Agreed on chicken/egg: get the authors in and the users will follow. Don’t see how the reverse could work.


good points @lee.justin.m - I’ll try to think of some better ways of phrasing that explainer that caters users and authors alike


@hiskennyness one way might be many users using a library and thus encouraging the author to improve their cljdoc integration but I agree that library authors actively using and pointing to it will likely be more impactful