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so say i have my clojure file in a left frame, my repl in the upper right, and then a terminal and a Org mode notes file in the bottom right that I SPC Tab alternate. Is there a way to save that setup so that when I boot up Spacemacs and select my project it opens all those accordingly?


i've seen people able to do something like that using a tiling manager like i3wm, i wonder if emacs has the same capability. i think emacs even has it's own windows manager, right?


Yeah, you can. Hmm, checking...


There are different ways to do it IIRC, but I've mainly done it using desktop-save/`desktop-load`.


You can have it automatically save when you exit, if that's what you would prefer, by setting (desktop-save-mode 1). Or you can leave that off and just save your preferred setup but load it on startup with (desktop-read) (not desktop-load, sorry typo).


ooh! Nice! I had a hunch it would be possible.


where do i put that function/setting? in the spacemacs user-init area? user-config?


& there are various packages with variations. Definitely a there-are-many-ways-to-do-it sort of thing.




cool. i'll do some exploring. thanks for the direction!

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I like the layouts approach to organising buffers for files. You could have a layout for each of the projects you work on regularly


I tried layouts and found it didn't work well for me at the time -- but I didn't have a ton of *macs experience yet, and TBH I forget the details. So I ended up switching to using`desktop`. YMMV 🙂


ok, ok. I like it. I'll check this out. I like that it's spacemacs specific. I've been finding it a little hard constantly translating emacs tutorials to spacemacs commands, etc. all while still trying to up my vim-fu