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Hi folks, I'm a Paredit user helping to onboard a new-to-Clojure dev who uses Parinfer. One merge conflict we are running into is my use of comment blocks that have the closing-paren on their own line. (This helps me rapidly navigate the code and evaluate the expression inside the comment. For example:

Apparently Parinfer sees this as a problem to correct, and automatically changes this to
Is there a simple way to tell Parinfer to chill out in such scenarios, without breaking Parinfer globally?


You can do some stuff like #__ in the tail as a hack


that's the direction we were looking too 😕


cursive at least also considers (do-stuff) a top level form (ignores the comment)

👍 4

OK thanks folks—looks like #__ is the winner


@daveliepmann I’m pretty sure CIDER also considers forms inside comment blocks to be top-level for sending to REPL purposes - I added that after someone missed it from Emacs.