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I’m looking for some guidance on how to integrate stillsuit with lacinia-pedestal. As I read it, it should Just Work™ by passing the decorated schema to lacinia/pedestal-service. Is that right?


In theory, yes (that's how it's supposed to work). There is a sample repo which sadly I haven't had time to update in a while, but it's got an example of this:


That said, we use ring instead of pedestal, so I've got simple stuff working but there might be more work to do to get a really solid implementation going


I get a 404 on that repo, unfortunately.


Oops, sorry, I guess I need to make it public. Meanwhile, the relevant snippet is

(defn service-map
  [schema connection]
  (let [opts      {;:stillsuit/datomic-uri db-uri
                   :stillsuit/compile?    true
                   :stillsuit/default?    true
                   :stillsuit/trace?      true
                   :stillsuit/scalars     {}}
        decorated (stillsuit/decorate opts)]
    (lacinia/service-map (:stillsuit/schema decorated)
                         {:graphiql    true
:app-context (:stillsuit/app-context decorated)})))


thanks! Giving that a go…


I’m also complicating things by using a hacked version of umlaut, but that shouldn’t be a huge issue yet.