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Does anyone have a deps.edn snippet or advice on how to get a browser based CLJS app running, with an nREPL that Cider is able to reach? Basically like the new CLJS quickstart guide, except with the REPL in emacs instead.


@hagmonk the new cider should inject all the necessary deps as long as you have a deps.edn in the root folder


Also better ask this in #cider


@richiardiandrea to rephrase my question so that it's not being confused with something cider specific: does anyone have a deps.edn snippet or advice on how to get a browser based CLJS app running, using cljs.main, such that it starts an nREPL server rather than an interactive terminal REPL?


Do not have that, but it would be a very small variation of this gist: Still believe some folks can help you in #cider simple_smile

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Hi guys, One of my transitive deps is trying to pull javax.activation and running into this error:

Error building classpath. Could not find artifact activation:activation:jar:1.0.2 in central ()
org.eclipse.aether.resolution.ArtifactResolutionException: Could not find artifact activation:activation:jar:1.0.2 in central ()
Turns out the jar is not available in maven but it is available in one of the adobe public repos. So I added
{:mvn/repos {"adobe-public" {:url ""}}}
Now this only works if javax.activation is a direct dependency but not when it is a transitive dep. Also, the jar is available in maven local but I am still running into this.


I've seen some funky poms where the pom actually refers to other repositories and those are transitively picked up.


@shakdwipeea are you getting to these transitive deps through a maven dep or a local/git dep?


@alexmiller It is coming through a git dep. I also tried with to use it as a mvn dep but that also didn't work. The funny thing is that the required dep is present in my maven local but still this fails.


FWIW the dep is a java project and uses maven.


Yeah this is a known issue with git and local deps not picking up the repos in the pom


Or at least I thought it was, I don’t see a ticket for it. I’d be happy to have a ticket with more specific details so I can take a look


I'll try to create a minimal repro and file a ticket.


I tried to reproduce the issue on a new repo. Now when you clj -A:test-git it fails with the message that

Caused by: org.eclipse.aether.transfer.ArtifactNotFoundException: Could not find artifact activation:activation:jar:1.0.2 in central ()
The same deps works with the boot file that is present in the repo. The interesting thing is that when I do boot show -d, I get
[com.github.shakdwipeea/smtp "0.3.1"]
└── [javax.javaee/javaee "6.0-alpha-1"]
    β”œβ”€β”€ [javax.activation/activation "1.1-rev-1"]
This uses the version 1.1-rev-1 which is available in the maven repo. The 1.0.2 version should not even be fetched. I am not sure if I am doing sth wrong, so wanted to consult before opening a ticket.


@alexmiller how does one contribute to the tools.deps.alpha github wiki? I wanted to put a link to depify, and @seancorfield's clj-new.


it’s a wiki - anyone should be able to edit


Cool! I did see the edit button but didn't want to boldly assume :)


@hagmonk Thank you in advance for adding a link to clj-new πŸ™‚

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Done! I'm sure there are more that could be added ...