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Another data/API question: is there some way to get recent releases?


@martinklepsch I think you can hit and take the first element of the array recent_versions which has the most recent release. I think it handles snapshots but I am not sure. Snapshot example : Ref :


@xtreak29 thanks, I was more looking for a “global feed” if that makes sense?


kind of what is displayed on the front page


@tcrawley are you aware of any way users could get a “feed” of releases on clojars? If not I would be happy to work on it.


@martinklepsch We don’t have anything formal, but it may be possible to simulate that now with a date-based query against the search api. That may allow you to get everything released since a certain date. Not the same thing, but would that work for your needs?


Do you have an example of how such query would look? I randomly tried[2018-04-01%20TO%202018-04-10]&amp;format=json after looking at some code but not sure that’s what you mean? 😄


Yep, something like that. I’ve never used the date search. You may need to include the time info for dates to be processed properly, like:[2018-04-01T00:00:00Z%20TO%202018-04-10T00:00:00Z]&amp;format=json. Though That is paged in batches of 24, and I don’t recall how to get the next page. It’s clear that I never use search :)


Ok, thanks for the pointer, will dig 🙂