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Howdy @mfikes !! Thanks again for your help months ago! I’m thinking of getting an RPM build of Planck, so I can use it on a CircleCI that uses a CentOS build image. Are you aware of that available anywhere, or reasons not to? If not, I’ll take a stab at it and post somewhere. Thx again and keep up all the great work!


@genekim No, I'm not aware of an RPM build of Planck. If you end up working on one and want a place to put it, perhaps a new repo under might be cool. For example, the repo has the salient bits for creating the Ubuntu PPA.


Super! I’ll keep you posted — it’s been 10+ years (umm, 15?) since I’ve done something like this. But I’m motivated! :) (Beats switching to Ubuntu for everything! :) @mfikes