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is there a reason for not having one or it just happend?


@alee perhaps you are already familiar with the following?


@sogaiu yes, I'm afraid I didn't find it very useful. It's not finished by any stretch - it doesn't cover many of the navigators or even the macros


I'm unconvinced that digging into the internals is the best way to understand it either


I'm most interested in a cookbook. For example one of my questions is "how much should I do in one Specter call?". I've had more luck composing calls than building super-paths so far. Dynamic paths seem very powerful, I'd like to see some examples of those. Same for multi-path. I have yet to figure out when to use STAY, CONTINUE etc. Just about getting the hang of collection.


@alee when working on a port to clojure clr, i found that the tests were quite extensive. have you had a look at those? fwiw, i'm definitely not a seasoned specter user :)


I'll check them out when I have time, good idea