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@aria42 a good first step is to ensure that the other dependencies are up to date, like piggieback and nrepl

Drew Verlee16:03:34

has anyone successfully ignored files to be searched when using projectile-replace i recall trying everything listed in the docs and nothing stops huge files (logs, etc...) from being searched. makes the convince of the function useless.


@drewverlee hmm, the projectile-replace function doesn't seem to work at all for me (Spacemacs develop). After specifying the find and replace values I get a prompt that doesn't respond to anything except help and . I'll stick to hacking the search results in a separate buffer, that works okay for me.


If you haven’t tried I recommend adding this package Whenever questions similar to this arise I quickly run helpful-symbol, find the source and simply read the code. I checked projectile-replace it seems to be calling projectile-files-with-string, docstring of which states: > Tries to use ag, ack, git-grep, and grep in that order. Meaning things like .agignore should work. But do not blindly trust docstrings, sometimes they do lie