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hey, general industry question - is there any way to tell whether or not a link was followed directly from the email it was sent to? (i.e., that the link wasn't copied and used elsewhere [by another person])


we have one time use sign in links, and I was wondering if places like mailchimp had a solution for that


not anyway I’m aware of, the closest thing I can think of would be to check the http-referrer header. The problems with that being that while the referrer might tell you what page they were on before it doesn’t specifically mean they clicked it and it can be faked if the person is willing enough. But I do believe my experience in this is lacking so google will probably be much more useful 😅


like maybe something you can get on receipt of mail delivered that you can match with incoming request context


@idiomancy As far as my experience goes, a link is a link is a link.... that is they can be copied just like text and cut/pasted just like text.... just like asking do you know where the text "can apple" came from ... of course a hash can make the link unique, but it can still be copied and used anywhere...


I suppose so. I guess it would have to be a browser feature to say whether or not something came from a hyperlink embedded in an html document (and some meta about that document) or whether it was entered directly into the url bar


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