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Ahmed Hassan05:03:45

Do I need android studio installed to start making android apps with ClojureScript React-Native or Shadow-CLJS fulcro-expo template?

Ahmed Hassan05:03:32

Source maps don't seem to work properly. metro propably doesn't read input source maps when converting sources as things are correctly mapped to the source .js files but not their sources. What does this mean on


@ahmed1hsn no, it's not required for builds. You may want to run your app in its emulator or other emulators eg Genimotion or just your phone

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I accidentally ran re-natal use-component on re-graph which is not JS dependency, how do i undo it?


For time being i manually removed re-graph dependency from but i think if I run re-natal use-figwheel it would add re-graph dependency again


is it .re-natal file which keeps tracks of components which are added with re-natal use-component?


@anish.developer I think that's right. There may also be leftover stuff in node_modules, but you could blow that away and re-sync it.


Hi there! I’m a clojure newbie but interested in it (and done quite a bit of FP in general). We’re now spiking cljsrn to see if we want to use it for our mobile app. Just wondering: does anyone have experience using react-native-navigation ( with cljsrn?


Sure! DM me with any questions

Alan Douglass22:03:24

I tried changing my lein new expo app to build with shadow-cljs, but I’ve run into trouble where the expo bundler is saying

Unable to resolve "../../App" from "node_modules/expo/AppEntry.js"
Failed building JavaScript bundle.
I’ve seen people recommending changing version of react / react native, but I think I have the right versions from expo. shadow gives some warnings, but no errors. I’ve been using npm install instead of yarn install because it gives less unmet peer dependencies. I’m using my existing project.clj for dependencies, and those seem to be ending up in app/ so I know that’s being read. I removed the versions of clojure / clojurescript that I had specified in favor of whatever shadow-cljs chooses. Any ideas about my error message? or how to debug it?