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it is possible. I will check the code tomorrow.


Hi @cfleming, I think defaulting to the latest Lein broke my setup. Can anything be done about it? (Maybe check the existing command-line version and/or default to it?) For anyone else, if you’re googling for weird piggieback compilation errors like I did, this is for you. We set our version of piggieback at 0.3.10, which brought in nrepl/nrepl 0.4.4. However, this results in multiple versions of nrepl/nrepl on the classpath, since Lein 2.9.0 injected nrepl 0.6.0. This resulted in piggieback compilation errors because the nrepl versions didn’t match.

Daniel Schlaug01:03:39

@cfleming Thanks! Though one can always keep tests in CLJC-files as far as possible I'm a bit sad to hear that the test-running not working with CLJS but I guess you can't have everything right away.


@kingmob You can set the version of lein you want Cursive to use at Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools | Leiningen | Project Settings


Thanks, @cfleming. What I meant to say was, “defaulting on upgrade” broke it. Once I changed my Lein version, everything worked. What threw me was I upgraded IntelliJ, and didn’t realize that Cursive had upgraded at the same time, too.


Somewhat recently IDEA has gained new feature - multiline TODO statements. It's something that Cursive has to enable explicitly, right? Because right now it doesn't work for CLJ[S].

Kaden Taylor19:03:20

Hey guys! Cursive formatting question - I'm having difficulty finding the cursive equivalent of the blank line setting that controls the number of newlines between forms. Ideally I'd like to be able to just crtl+alt+L and have it correct blank lines as well. Any tips?


@p-himik I’m not sure, actually - I’ll check that.


@kadenjtaylor Currently Cursive doesn’t have a setting for that, sorry.

Kaden Taylor21:03:27

@cfleming okay, cool - any alternatives you might recommend? Not alternatives to cursive, just other methods of getting that behavior.


@kadenjtaylor I’m not sure, sorry - either cljfmt or zprint should be able to do that.


Cursive should be able to too, of course 🙂