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@nathanmarz don’t know if this is a silly question or not, but is there any remote chance or plan to have specter become part of clojure.core?


And if not I’d be interested to know if there’s a specific reason why in terms of design philosophy etc.


I’m afraid it works the other way around, there may be no specific reasons why something is not in core. To get something into the core there must be very compelling reasons for it. I mean really compelling. Being a popular/useful/well-maintained/general library is not enough of itself. One such compelling reason I could imagine with specter would be the core library using specter internally, so it would make sense to expose it as well. Similar to clojure.spec. Or another reason could be when specter could not be implemented as a library and would have to be implemented as part of core for some reason… just my $0.02 thoughts


@achesnais @darwin I get that question a lot and I understand why


Specter solves such a fundamental, universal problem that I do believe it makes Clojure much stronger, so in that sense it would make sense to be distributed with the language


ultimately though it's not up to me what goes into core