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Would it be much against om-next philosophy to introduce an atom that shares states between components, for purposes like styling, or in my case, setting tabindex. The js console is already making so much noise of all the transactions, that I feel tempted to limit what I transact.


not sure about the philosophy but the second problem: you could filter in the devtools to only show info and start using js/


I think you'd lose the testability benefits though by sharing state outside of the reconciler


ok thanks for the pointers.


[] I’m finding that a particular query param is needed by more queries than i expected. Is this a sign that I should be making it a Link in the app-state?


Hey guys. Since almost every discussion in this channel is now about, should we vote for closing #om-next channel. To avoid confusion?


I just fixed an issue that I don’t understand… I have a dev/user.clj requiring a bunch of files that end up requiring om/next.cljc. After I added my dev/ folder to :source-paths in project.clj I got a compilation error when starting a repl: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No matching method: demunge, compiling:(om/next.cljc:1094:15). So I went and added the missing require to om/next.cljc and now it works. I just don’t understand why this wasn’t an issue before with all the other files I have under src/ that also end up requiring om/next.cljc?