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I'm trying to find in the documentation how to do coercion... but I'm not sure where to put the custom coercions.... any help?


@abarylko default coercions are in default-coercion-matchers. I guess you have to modify those with your own coercions and pass it as the :coercion option. I'm on the phone and am not sure how to modify it exactly, but hope it helps


@abarylko you were asking about token auth, did you find an answer? I can't help but I'm curious what are you using exactly, is something like by any chance?


@abarylko not too much docs about custom coercion, but the tests should provide some docs:


@tom currently, there is no code to handle batch requests. But it’s all Ring, so if there is/would be a batch-request handler for Ring, it could be used. You could ask on the #ring channel about this too?


@tap wiki would be the right place, there is the old README as a wiki-page, should be split into separate pages. Did few placeholders for candidates for separate pages:


the old README is there as the The old (bloated) README, with lot's of stuff in


Documentation is the hardest part with libs, imo.