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I am having trouble getting dirac working: I have the latest canary (Version 56.0.2902.0 canary (64-bit)), dirac “0.7.4”, and I am using figwheel-sidecar “0.5.8”. I can open the page in the browser at localhost:3449. When I click the button for the dirac chrome extension, it opens, and says “Dirac v0.7.4 <->http://localhost:3449/", but this then changes to “Dirac v0.7.4<->? “, and in the console window, tells me "Dirac requires runtime support from your app. Please install Dirac Runtime into your app and enable the :repl feature. [:dirac.implant.eval/install-check-timeout]” . However, if I close this window and open the regular developer tools window, the console says "Installing Dirac Runtime v0.7.4 and enabling features :repl” without any errors shown.


@ghufran I will push a new Dirac release in an hour or two, Chrome devs changed the debugger protocol dramatically in last few days: (click to show suppressed diff)


a pro tip: you would probably see more if opening internal devtools of the Dirac DevTools window itself:


btw. if something like this happens in the future (Canary runs away from Dirac), you will have to resort to using matching chromium snapshots as a workaround, look for “Links to matching Chromium snapshots” in the release notes for your Dirac version: