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Hi, people! Why contains? doesn't work on any kind of keys besides the keywords and strings? In other words, why (contains? [:t 4] {[:t 4] 123 [:z 5] 456}) doesn't work? Oh, and (get {[:t "s"] 123 [:z 5] 456} [:t "s"]) works perfectly


@vandr0iy I think you switched up the arguments to contains.


oh, you're right! 🙂 rookie mistake


Hello, I need to use Clojure with https (I’m not so expert), API communication etc. What do you think, what is the best solution for this? Tomcat Apache or ..? Could you share with me a great tutorial about? Many thanks for the ideas and help!


Hi @sb, in case it helps - the way I’ve seen it handled most often is to configure apache or nginx to reverse proxy https requests back and forth between a backend java servlet container like jetty or tomcat, or http-kit. If you’re new to clojure webapps, I’d suggest first getting a simple clj web app running. Then maybe try to set up apache http proxy in front of the clj webapp, and then finally, try to add https proxy between apache and the clj webapp.


Hi @upgradingdave Dave, thanks! I try those steps in this case! I hopa, I can setup today. If I will have questions, I will drop to you.


cool, yeah, I’ve set it up a few times and there’s a lot to digest if you’ve never done it before. good luck 😉